Thursday, August 2, 2007


19 Sure Fire Ways NOT To Earn Money Online

1. By Not Offering Your Customers A Way To Earn Back Some Of What They Spent Purchasing Your Product.

2. By Not Researching Properly What Types Of Information People Are Looking For And Are Willing To Pay To Access Or Receive It.

3. By Falling For Every 'Get Rich Quick' Scheme There Is Off AND Online and Not Knowing How To Spot One So You DON'T Fall For Them.

4. By Mistakenly Believing You'll Make Beaucoup Bucks By Selling Info Products On Auction Web Sites.

5. By Not READING The Products You Are Purchasing To Educate Yourself.

6. By NOT Writing Your Own Information Products Or Creating Your Own Unique Collections.

7. By Listening To 'Nay-Sayers' That Tell You Earning Money Online Is Impossible.

8. By NOT Listenting To Those That Tell You It IS Possible To Earn Money Online From Those Who Have Already Done It And Continue To Do It!

9. By Not Learning About The ENTIRE Concept of Doing Business Online And Believing In All The 'Hype' Telling You Running Your Own Online Business Will Be Barely Working At All.

10. By Not Having Enough Courage To Ask Other Successful Marketers For Help When You Need It And Then COMPLETELY Ignoring Their Good Advice.

11. By Not Understanding That Making A Living Online Is EXACTLY Like Having A Regular 9 To 5 Offline Job, But You Will Often Spend 10 To 15 Hours A Day Working!

12. By Trying To Do Too Many Things At Once And Having Failure After Failure, Instead Of Picking ONE Thing, Doing It RIGHT And Having Success SLOWLY.

13. By Not Sticking To One Thing And Doing It Well, Making That The MAIN Focus Of What Sets YOU Apart From Every Other Marketer.

14. By Not Automating Most Of Your Online Business Processes, And Then Wondering Why You're Too Busy To Begin Any New Projects.

15. By COMPLETELY Ignoring Your Customers When They Contact You, Or Giving Them Absolutely NO WAY To Contact You When They Need To.

16. By Not Learning ANYTHING From The Mistakes You Have Already Made, And Then Making The Same Ones Over Again!

17. By Not Taking ANY ACTION To Reach Your Goals!

18. By Believing That Just By Taking A Pre-Designed, Pre-Packaged Information Product That You Can Just Slap It Up On The Internet, With Doing Nothing Further, And Watch The Money ROLL In To Your Merchant Account.

19. By Believing You Are Doomed To Fail Before You Even Begin Your Own Online Endeavor.

In all seriousness, no one got anywhere by sitting back and letting everything just 'happen' around them. You must take chances. You must get yourself active in the online marketing community. You must learn. And you must never stop learning. Only then can you become a true success.

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